Indigenous Music Around The World

Music Of The First Nations

Indigenous People Of Canada

Indigenous people of Canada (Inuit, Metis) retained a lot of their traditional music, and it’s easy to find out what kind of genre corresponds to a ritual or an event they celebrated. They preferred short songs that were reserved for particular events and mood.


Aborigines from Australia also retained a lot of their original music. A lot of research uses their music as a primary subject due to profound political and cultural influence it has. Every era of Aboriginal music describes the state of the people at the time.

African Indigenous Music

A lot of ancient African indigenous music has been lost during the age of slavery, as well as the near past. Ancient Egyptians had a lot of fascinating music, but a lot of the same got lost along the way.

How Music Changes Culture Through Time

Music and culture have a lot in common as one can’t evolve without the other. The things people discovered, new instruments, in particular, changed lifestyles as people found new ways to create music. This had a significant effect on nature as it gave people additional means to express themselves.

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Differences Between The Music Of Indigenous People And Music Today

The difference of music of first people and things we listen today is enormous. Music of the past had a close connection to the community as it represented everything that one people were. Right now music is a means to make money and the only link to the community is the effort of the artist to sell as many albums and tickets as they can.

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