Digital Preservation Of Indigenous Music

Some people find it hard to find a connection between the music of the first people and the digital media and age in which we live in. But if you perform some research, then you can find that these two have a strong connection when it comes to particular aspects of the both.

First of all, it’s important to note that more than 98 percent of all indigenous music is lost due to lack of any media that would save it. That music perished with people who performed it. Some of them perished due to aggressive actions of other nations and people, while some evolved away from the music that shaped them. Both of these are sad, and both of them caused irreversible damage to the preservation of the music that helped in developing the world we live in.

How digital media affect efforts to preserve indigenous music

digital-media-affectIt’s safe to say that the development of a digital form of music helped the creations of the first people. Now, talking about the ways it did that would take a lot of your time and half a dozen of articles at that. But it is also possible to condense everything into several paragraphs that will outline all ways digital media help native form of music.

Many ancient instruments that people used were forms of drums. The focus of the music at that time was the use of the voice. This is why it is almost impossible to recreate a lost cultural music. Some tribes used only their voices to create music, and it’s sad to say that their creations are lost forever.

Digital technology, such as drumming microphones, can help in a recreation of the music of tribes that focused on the use of drums and other similar instruments. It’s possible to create music that has a resemblance to indigenous music as long as instruments they used still exist.

Digital technology saved indigenous music from disappearing

The ability to record sounds exists for a long time, but the ability to record complex pieces is something reserved for digital tech. Its existence helped in the preservation of indigenous music of tribes and nations that exist in one or another form. The ability to go online and find native music is all thanks to digital media.

Some individuals try to preserve indigenous music by learning the craft and recording it. These efforts are the only thing that allows us to listen to music of people who disappeared due to the introduction of modern technology and the way of living in small tribal societies.