Spreading The Awareness About Indigenous Music

Indigenous music gained a form of popularity in the last fifty years due to fears of its disappearance. Many fascinating genres of music disappeared because there wasn’t any interest in preserving them. People realized the mistake and chose to do everything they can to protect as much of the indigenous music as they can.

The most significant problem of the music of first people is that not many people will listen to them. In other words, that type of music isn’t popular among many people, and that means that fewer people are interested in preserving it. Still, some people are keen on saving that, and they do that in a lot of different ways.

Some people go out and research and collect songs and music that has connections with tribes and nations that existed before the modern time. Others choose to play instruments of those tribes and keep their way of creating music alive. This keeps those instruments relevant, and people show increased interest in the instrument and its origins if they see someone play it.

Artists that keep the indigenous music alive

ArtistsOne of the greats when it comes to the indigenous music of the native people of the USA was Karen J. Dalton. She played banjo and guitar and was the excellent singer of Cherokee folk music which she combines with blues.

She released two full albums and several singles that captured the beauty of authentic Cherokee folk music. She, of course, had to mix it with blues to make it appealing to the major audience. She is an excellent example of how to advertise music that isn’t appealing to larger masses. Combining indigenous music with popular genres is one way to promote it, and every artist that tries to preserve native music needs to do this.

Another notable artist that excellently advertises native music is Timothy Archambault. He is a composer, architect, and flutist that is best known for playing the Native American flute. He is also known as one of the best researchers of the early Native American music. He uses knowledge from his finds to compose music that resembles that of the people he researches.

Celebrating indigenous Australian music

Australia has a lot of native music that is still present due to the existence of tribes that survived the colonization. You can find quite a few of Australian indigenous music performers on the internet, and some of them are popular beyond your imagination. Those artists perform indigenous music of Australian tribes in both English and native languages. They use both authentic and modern instruments to deliver the sound of people that lived long before white people arrived at the continent.